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BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual

The BMW 5 Series is a luxury mid-size sedan that embodies a combination of elegant design, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance driving dynamics. Known for its refined styling, spacious interior, and advanced features, the BMW 5 Series offers a luxurious driving experience.


 Introduction and Body



In February 2017, the 7th generation of the BMW 5 Series G30 will be launched. The G30 contains a wealth of new technologies and design elements that have been further developed and refined. The clo


 Driving Modes

The displays of the instrument cluster are displayed depending on the driving mode selected. A distinction is made between the 3 following modes on the BMW 5 Series: Comfort Sport ECO Pro BMW 5 Series driving modes on the instrument cluster COMFORT mode SPORT mode ECO PRO mode Connectio

 Integrated Universal Remote Control

Concept The integrated Universal Remote Control in the interior mirror can operate up to 3 functions of remote-controlled systems such as garage door drives, barriers, or lighting systems. General information The Integrated Universal Remote Control replaces up to 3 different hand-held transmitters.

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