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BMW 5 Series: Evasion Aid

Often a collision with another vehicle (at the end of a traffic jam for example) or obstacle can only be prevented by an avoidance maneuver. Since the driver's response time plays a decisive role in an avoidance maneuver just as in a braking maneuver, Evasion Aid is able to make a considerable contribution to avoiding an impending collision.

Evasion Aid supports the driver in such critical driving situations with a focused steering intervention if the driver needs to avoid an obstacle. The system also help keep the vehicle stable during and after the avoidance maneuver.

This is achieved by an interaction between the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), the Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and the analysis of data from the assistance sensors.

Evasion Aid
G30 Evasion Aid: interaction of Dynamic Stability Control( DSC) and Electronic Power Steering (EPS)


 Functional principle

An emergency avoidance maneuver takes place when a suddenly occurring obstacle is detected in front of the vehicle and the driver has to avoid this obstacle quickly and without "significant" braking

 System overview

Below we describe which main components or sensors are relevant to Evasion Aid. Object or obstacles are detected by means of the KAFAS stereo camera and the ACC Stop&Go front radar sensor.


A special precondition such as the individual configuration capability for the system or deactivation of this function only is not possible. Evasion Aid can only be deactivated by switching off all


 Washing the vehicle

General information Regularly remove foreign objects such as leaves in the area below the windshield when the hood is raised. Wash your vehicle frequently, particularly in winter. Intense soiling and road salt can damage the vehicle. Steam blaster and high-pressure washer Safety information NOTICE

 The right place for children

Safety information Warning Unattended children or animals in the vehicle can cause the vehicle to move and endanger themselves and traffic, for instance due to the following actions: Pressing the Start/Stop button. Releasing the parking brake. Opening and closing the doors or windows. Engaging

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