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BMW 5 Series: System Overview

System wiring diagrams

Bus overview

System Overview
G30 Bus overview

ACC - Active Cruse Control
ACSM - Advanced Crash Safety Module
AMPT - Top HiFi amplifier
ASD - Active Sound Design
BDC - Body Domain Controller
CON - Controller
DME - Digital Motor Electronics
DME2 - Digital Engine Electronics 2
DSC - Dynamic Stability Control
EARSH - Electric active roll stabilization rear
EARSV - Electric active roll stabilization front
EGS - Electronic transmission control
EPS - Electromechanical Power Steering
FLA - High-beam assistant
FLER - Frontal Light Electronics Right
FLEL - Frontal Light Electronics Left
FZD - Roof function center
GWS - Gear selector
HEADUNIT - Head unit
HKFM - Tailgate function module
HSR - Rear axle slip angle control
IHKA - Integrated automatic heating / air conditioning
KAFAS - Camera-based driver support systems
KOMBI - Instrument panel
LEM - Light effect manager
NVE - Night Vision Electronics
PCU - Power Control Unit
PMA - Parking Manoeuvring Assistant
RFK - Reversing camera
RSE - Rear Seat Entertainment
RSL - Radar sensor, left (avoidance assistant)
RSR - Radar sensor, right (avoidance assistant)
SAS - Optional equipment system
SMBF - Seat module, passenger
SMFA - Seat module, driver
SPMVL - Seat pneumatics module front left
SPMVR - Seat pneumatics module front right
SWW - Lane change warning (primary) also know as Short Range Radar (SRR)
SWW2 - Lane change warning (secondary) also know as Short Range Radar (SRR2)
TCB - Telematic Communication Box
TRSVC - Control unit for rear view camera and SideView
VDP - Vertical Dynamic Platform
VTG - Transfer box
WCA - Wireless charging tray
ZGM - Central gateway module

  1. Start-up node control units for starting and synchronizing the FlexRay bus system
  2. Control units with wake-up authorisation
  3. Control units also connected at terminal 15WUP

System wiring diagram

System Overview
G30 System wiring diagram

  1. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  2. Airbag front sensor, left
  3. Roof function center (FZD)
  4. Airbag front sensor, right
  5. Fuses in power distribution box, front right
  6. Knee airbag, front passenger
  7. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  8. Front passenger airbag
  9. Head airbag, right
  10. Airbag sensor, door, right (pressure)
  11. Acceleration sensor, B-pillar on right
  12. Adaptive belt force limiter, passenger's side
  13. Reel pretensioner, front passenger
  14. Crash-active headrest, front passenger
  15. Side airbag, front passenger
  16. Seat-position sensor, front right
  17. Seat occupancy mat (CIS mat)
  18. Seat belt buckle switch, front passenger
  19. Electronic fuel pump control
  20. Safety battery terminal (SBK)
  21. Telematic Communication Box 2 (TCB2)
  22. Seat belt buckle switch, driver
  23. Seat-position sensor, front left
  24. Side airbag, driver's side
  25. Crash-active headrest, driver
  26. Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)
  27. Reel pretensioner, driver
  28. Adaptive belt force limiter, driver's side
  29. Acceleration sensor, B-pillar on left
  30. Airbag sensor, door, left (pressure)
  31. Head airbag, left
  32. Clock spring
  33. Driver's airbag
  34. Knee airbag, driver

System overview

System Overview
G30 System overview

  1. Airbag front sensor, right
  2. Knee airbag, front passenger
  3. Power distribution box, front right
  4. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  5. Switch for front passenger airbag deactivation (European version; Korean version)
  6. Airbag sensor, door, right (pressure)
  7. Front passenger airbag
  8. Automatic tensioner, front passenger
  9. Acceleration sensor, B-pillar on right
  10. Side airbag, front passenger
  11. Roof function center (FZD)
  12. Crash-active headrest, front passenger
  13. Crash-active headrest, driver
  14. Electronic fuel pump control
  15. Head airbag, left
  16. Telematic Communication Box 2 (TCB2)
  17. Power distribution box, luggage compartment
  18. Safety battery terminal (SBK)
  19. Head airbag, right
  20. Side airbag, driver's side
  21. Acceleration sensor, B-pillar on left
  22. Automatic tensioner, driver
  23. Seat belt buckle switch, front passenger
  24. Seat belt buckle switch, driver
  25. Driver's airbag
  26. Airbag sensor, door, left (pressure)
  27. Instrument cluster (KOMBI)
  28. Knee airbag, driver
  29. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  30. Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)
  31. Airbag front sensor, left



     Functions of the Advanced Crash Safety Module

    The function of the Advanced Crash Safety Module is to permanently evaluate all sensor signals in order to identify a crash situation. Based on the sensor signals and their evaluation, the Advanced

     Crash-relevant functions

    The Advanced Crash Safety Module must fulfil the following crash-relevant functions: Evaluating the sensor signals Impact detection Determining actuators to be activated Specifying the trigger t



    Safety information Warning Seat adjustments while driving can lead to unexpected movements of the seat. Vehicle control could be lost. There is a risk of accident. Only adjust the seat on the driver's side when the vehicle is stationary. Warning With a backrest inclined too far to the rear, the eff

     Active Lane Keeping Assistant

    The Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance is part of the Active Driving Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5AT). By making corrective steering interventions, the system, already familiar from the G12 helps the driver to keep the vehicle in lane at speeds from approximate

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