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BMW 5 Series: Automatic Transmission

The revised 8HPTU automatic transmission, which is already known from the F23 (2 Series BMW convertible) and F85/F86 (BMW X5 M, BMW X6 M) and G12 is used in the G30.

The special features of the automatic transmission in the G30 are described in this document.

Automatic Transmission
8HPTU automatic transmission with acoustics encapsulation in the G30

  1. 8HPTU for 6-cylinder engines
  2. 8HPTU for 8-cylinder engines
  1. Transmission breather
  2. Acoustic encapsulation (three-part)
  3. Acoustic encapsulation (two-part)
  4. Mechanism for emergency release
  5. Electrical connection (mechatronics to vehicle electrical system)

Transmission variants

Different transmission variants are used depending on the engine installed.

Automatic Transmission


The following further developments made it possible to increase the comfort, dynamics and efficiency of the revamped 8-speed automatic gearbox:

  • Improved driving comfort through hot-end decoupling of the rotational imbalance of the engine by means of a centrifugal pendulum.
  • Improved shifting comfort through slightly increased gear steps (2 modified planetary gear sets).
  • Increased efficiency through optimum gear spread and gear stepping.
  • Reduction of vehicle-specific insulation measures due to acoustic encapsulation on the transmission.
  • Functional enhancements in the area of ConnectedShift.
  • Enhanced customer experience due to new operating possibilities with the driving experience switch or shift paddles.


The following table provides an overview of the composition of the different transmission codes:

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

Sport automatic transmission

In the standard Steptronic Sport automatic transmission, the customer additionally receives 2 shift paddles on the steering wheel and additional functions such as:

  • Launch Control
  • Manual activation of coasting
  • Driving into the speed limiter


ConnectedShift uses the following systems for a predictive shift strategy:

  • Use of the navigation data
  • Use of the radar sensors

Use of the navigation data is already known from the 5 Series LCI. Since the introduction of the G12, the radar sensors have been used for an anticipatory gear shift strategy.

Configuration options

Stepped Sport shift mode

This graduated sport shift mode is already known from the G12 and is offered with the same functionality in the G30.

Influence of the driving experience switch

Many drive variants have a SPORT PLUS mode in order to support sporty driving with more powerful engines. The shift characteristics are adapted as follows in the SPORT PLUS mode:

  • Sharper design of downshifts on braking.
  • Further increase of the engine speed in the direction of maximum power.

Automatic Transmission

Transmission emergency release

In the event of a breakdown, emergency release of the automatic transmission is possible in 2 different ways.

1. Mechanical transmission emergency release.

2. Electronic transmission emergency release.


Automatic Transmission
Towing away the G30

  1. Towing on both vehicle axles
  2. Towing on the rear vehicle axle
  3. Recovery on a transport deck

Towing of the automatic transmission on the driven vehicle axle is not permitted. Limited time- and speed-dependent towing would not technically damage the automatic transmission, but permanent release of the parking lock cannot be guaranteed due to the changed mechanical and electronic transmission emergency release. Sudden engagement of the parking lock during a towing operation on the driven vehicle axle can lead to damage to the vehicle and to serious accidents.

System wiring diagram

Automatic Transmission
System wiring diagram of electronic transmission control EGS in the G30

  1. Engine control unit (DME)
  2. Electronic transmission control (EGS)
  3. Power distribution box, front right
  4. CAN terminator 4
  5. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  6. CAN terminator 5
  7. Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)
  8. Gear selector switch (GWS)
  9. Accelerator pedal module
  10. Brake light switch
  11. Steering column switch cluster
  12. Instrument panel (KOMBI)
  13. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)



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