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BMW 5 Series: Parking Maneuvering Assistant

The Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) supports the driver in many ways. The assistant measures the size of a gap between cars and decides, based on the result, whether the gap is large enough to accommodate the vehicle. It also relieves the driver of the task of maneuvering into the space.

The Parking Maneuvering Assistant (OE 5DP) is no longer available as an individual item of optional equipment.

The Parking Maneuvering Assistant is included in the Parking Assistant, optional equipment (OE 5DM), in the G30.

Parking Assistant (OE 5DM) is available only in conjunction with the automatically dipping exterior mirror, optional equipment (OE 4T8).


 Parallel parking/perpendicular parking

The Parking Maneuvering Assistant function facilitates maneuvering into parking spaces that are parallel (parallel parking) and perpendicular (bay parking) to the roadway. Curbside parking G30 Princ

 System wiring diagram

The system wiring diagram on the next page shows an overview of the system components used when parking and maneuvering the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle equipment, partial scopes may also be in

 Functional principle

The system measures potential parking spaces when driving past at a speed below approximately 22 mph (35 km/h) even without the system having been activated. The parking spaces are measured by


 Control units on the MOST bus

Head unit Head unit On the G30, the head unit can be operated by touch at the CID in addition to operation via the controller. In the case of optional equipment with gesture control, selected functions can also be operated by means of gestures. Hi-fi amplifier with MOST bus The following amplifie

 Satellite radio

General information Before a channel can be played, you must subscribe to it via telephone. Several channels can be combined into specified packages. Managing a subscription General information In order to enable or unsubscribe from channels, you must have reception. It is usually at its best when y

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