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BMW 5 Series: Intersection Warning

Intersections are some of the most likely points for accidents in urban traffic. Statistics tell us that approximately one accident in three, with injury to persons, occurs at an intersection. Accidents here can largely be attributed to distraction or poor estimation by the drivers.

The Intersection Warning is installed for the first time in the G30 and can make a major contribution to safety.

The driver is warned both visually and audibly in the event of a risk of a collision with crossing traffic.

This can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident or even the severity of an accident at intersections.

Intersection Warning is an integral part of the Active Driving Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5AT).


 Functional principle

Intersection Warning is able to detect an impending collision with crossing traffic in good time and so such collisions can possibly be prevented by this. The KAFAS stereo camera and the front radar

 Limits of the system

The function of the Intersection Warning may be restricted because of system limits or unfavorable conditions in the following situations, for example: If there are other objects in the field of vi

 Road Sign Recognition

The Speed Limit Information function is known from the G12. Current top speed limitations are detected by the Road Sign Recognition system and displayed in the instrument cluster or the Head‐Up Di



Concept The automatic climate control achieves the set temperature as quickly as possible, if needed, by using the maximum cooling or heating capacity, and then keeps it constant. Adjusting Turn the wheel to set the desired temperature. Do not rapidly switch between different temperature settings


Safety information Warning High gross weight can overheat the tires, damage them internally and cause a sudden drop in tire inflation pressure. Driving characteristics may be negatively impacted, reducing lane stability, lengthening the braking distances and changing the steering response. There is

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