BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Engine Electrical System

Engine control unit

The new 8th generation of Bosch engine control units already used in the G12 is used in the G30.

Its appearance is characterized by a uniform housing and a uniform connector strip. However, the hardware inside has been adapted to the various applications.

Two engine control units are used for the N63TU2 engine. All other drive variants are equipped with one engine control unit. The integrated supply module is also on the engine control unit. It supplies the engine control units and various sensors and actuators with the required voltage supply.

Engine control unit
Integrated supply module in the G30

  1. Digital Motor Electronics 1
  2. Digital Motor Electronics 2 (only for N63TU2 engine)
  3. Integrated supply module

Integrated supply module

The integrated supply module supplies the engine control unit and some sensors and actuators with voltage.

Various integrated supply modules are used depending on the engine type and the series or V-engine design.

Integrated supply module
Integrated supply module in the G30

A - Gasoline engine
A1 - Voltage supply of the actuators and sensors
A2 - Voltage supply for actuators and sensors
A3 - Actuation of relay for integrated supply module
A4 - Voltage supply for oxygen sensors bank 2 (only for the N63)
A5 - Voltage supply DME 1
A6 - Voltage supply from engine compartment power distribution box
A7 - Voltage supply DME 2


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