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BMW 5 Series: Driving Experience Switch


The functions of the driving experience switch are identical to those of the G12 except for the following.

The following table shows a comparison of the functions of the driving experience switch in a G30 and in the G12:

Driving Experience Switch

1) Only with certain G30 models.
2) Only with certain optional equipment.

The COMFORT+ mode is not offered in the G30.


The SPORT+ mode is selectable in the following models of the G30:

  • BMW 540i
  • BMW 540i xDrive
  • BMW M550i xDrive (available a few months after market launch)

The SPORT+ mode influences the accelerator pedal characteristic curve, the shift points and the Active Sound Design.


The ADAPTIVE mode is not always available in the G30, it also requires the optional equipment Dynamic Damper Control (OE 223 or ZDH).

In the G30, there are two different driving experience switches, which depend on the equipment.

A driving experience switch with the ADAPTIVE mode and a driving experience switch without the ADAPTIVE mode. Further information on the ADAPTIVE mode can be found in the Technical Reference Manual for "ST1501 G12 Complete Vehicle, Displays and Controls".

Driving Experience Switch
G30 Driving experience switch without the ADAPTIVE mode.

Driving Experience Switch
G30 Driving experience switch with the ADAPTIVE mode.


In the G30, the individual modes can also be standardized or individually adjusted. This is shown in the following table:

Driving Experience Switch



     Introduction, Headunit

    Introduction New features in the G30 The G30 builds on the technology of the G12. This product information manual describes the new features or changes compared to the G12. The following table shows

     Speaker Systems


     In the vicinity of the steering wheel

    Roller sunblind in the rear window Safety switch Power windows Exterior mirror operation Seating comfort feature Memory function Massage function Lights Front fog lights Night Vision Light switch Lights off Daytime running lights Parking lights Automatic headlight control

     System limits

    Detection range The detection capacity of the system and the automatic braking capacity are limited. Two-wheeled vehicles for instance might not be detected. Deceleration The system does not decelerate in the following situations: For pedestrians or similarly slow-moving road users. For red tr

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