BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Introduction


Historical overview of the BMW 5 Series

  1. E12 (1972-1981)
  2. E28 (1981-1987)
  3. E34 (1987-1995)
  4. E39 (1995-2003)
  5. E60/E61 (2003-2010)
  6. F10/F11 (2010-2016)
  7. G30 (SOP late 2016 as 2017 MY)

Overview of system descriptions

Many of the systems used are already known from the current BMW 7 Series G12. The "Comparison of G12 with G30" chapter lists the common elements and the differences. The explanations of the systems already familiar from the G12 are kept brief. The system descriptions can be reviewed from the various technical reference manual's listed below.



Drive comparison G12 with G30

Many G30 systems have already been introduced in the G12. The following table provides an overview of the differences and common features between the two series.


Engine designation

The engine designation is used to uniquely identify the various engines. The following table provides an overview of the composition of the different engine codes.




     Drive Variants

    Like in the predecessor, the G30 is offered with optional xDrive all-wheel drive. All models receive the 8-speed Sport automatic transmission as standard. Drive overview G30 Engine Automatic tran

     Gasoline Engines

    The engines of the G30 are already known from the BMW 7 Series G12. The following table shows the common features and differences in terms of power and torque specifications in the various performan

     Technical data

    Technical data BMW 530i engine B46B20O0 engine in the G30 Engine highlights B46B20O0 List of the most important special features: 1. Direct rail injection system with 200 bar pressure. 2. 4th gene


     Exterior/Interior Mirrors

    Exterior mirror System wiring diagram Exterior mirror Outside temperature sensor Fuses in the power distribution box, front right Body Domain Controller (BDC) Exterior mirror, front passenger's side Switch block, driver's door Exterior mirror, driver's side Instrument panel (KOMBI) Inside

     Using the voice activation system

    Activating the voice activation system 1. Press the button on the steering wheel. 2. Wait for the signal. 3. Say the command. The symbol on the Control Display indicates that the voice activation system is active. No other commands may be available. In this case, operate the function via iDri

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