BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Locking and Security Functions


 Comfort Access

System wiring diagram Comfort Access Body Domain Controller (BDC) Fuse in the Body Domain Controller Switch in door lock of front passenger door Outside door handle electronics (TAGE), front pas

 Central locking system

System wiring diagram Central locking system Hotel position switch Fuse for front right power distribution box Body Domain Controller (BDC) Door lock, front passenger door Central locking butto

 Automatic operation of trunk

System wiring diagram Automatic operation of trunk Fuses in the power distribution box, front right Hotel position switch Body Domain Controller (BDC) Fuse in the Body Domain Controller CAN ter


 Parking brake

Concept The parking brake is used to prevent the vehicle from rolling when it is parked. Safety information Warning An unsecured vehicle can begin to move and possibly roll away. There is a risk of accident. Before exiting, secure the vehicle against rolling. In order to ensure that the vehicle is

 Rear light

On the G30, the rear light assembly is attached with 3 screws to the body. Due to the very small gap dimensions to the body, it is necessary to adjust the rear lights to the body. Two adjusting elements (figure B) are provided for this purpose; they can be seen when the trunk is open and the trim

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