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BMW 5 Series: Lane Departure Warning

The Lane Departure Warning is an element of the Active Driving Assistant, optional equipment (OE 5AS) and the Active Driving Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5AT).

The Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings from a speed of approximately 43 mph (70 km/h) and warns the driver against unintentionally leaving the lane.

The information required about usable roadway and lane markings is provided by the KAFAS stereo camera. Based on the calculated positions, lane edges and curves in relation to the relative position of the driver's vehicle, a corresponding warning is issued.

If the driver crosses the lane marking unintentionally (without using the turn indicator) or leaves the road boundary, he is warned abruptly by the steering wheel vibrating gently and has the opportunity to react accordingly. The vibration in the steering wheel can be compared to the vibration effect when driving over a profiled road marking.

In the settings menu the driver can set the desired strength of the abrupt warnings on the steering wheel via the iDrive.

Collision Warning
G30 Steering wheel vibration settings menu on CID

  1. Steering wheel vibration menu
  2. Additional note for the driver
  3. "Strong"
  4. "Medium"
  5. "Light"

If the driver uses the turn indicator when moving across to another lane, the Lane Departure Warning recognizes that this is an intentional lane change and a warning is not issued.

The Lane Departure Warning can be configured individually in the Intelligent Safety system submenu.

Lane Departure Warning
G30 Intelligent Safety view on the CID (Lane Departure Warning)

  1. "Configure INDIVIDUAL" menu
  2. "Lane Departure Warning" (selected setting: Always)
  3. "Lane Departure Warning" (settings options: Always, Reduced, Off)

The individual settings applied by the driver are saved for the driver profile currently in use.

Displays in the Instrument Cluster (KOMBI)

Lane Departure Warning

At least one lane boundary has been detected and warnings can be issued.


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