BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Vacuum Supply

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump
Oil vacuum pump, B58/B58TU engine

  1. B58 engine, tandem oil pump with integrated vacuum pump
  2. B58TU engine, oil pump
  1. Vacuum pump
  2. Oil pump

Vehicles with a gasoline engine and "traditional brake system" need a vacuum pump to boost the pedal force. In vehicles with a gasoline engine and DSCi brake system no vacuum boost is required as in the DSCi brake system the pedal force is boosted hydraulically. The graphics show the oil pumps of the B58 engine and the B58TU engine with combined vacuum pump and without vacuum pump.


     Cooling System

     Split cooling

    A new development for the B58TU engine is the split cooling. A cooling concept which is used the N63 TU2. The split cooling function uses the electric split cooling valve, eSCV, to enable on-demand

     Split cooling valve

    Heat management module with electric split cooling valve Electric split cooling valve To guarantee optimal heat distribution during the cylinder head and crankcase warm-up, the coolant supply fo


     Rear head restraints

    Safety information Warning A missing protective effect due to removed or not correctly adjusted head restraints can cause injuries in the head and neck area. There is a risk of injury. Before driving, install the removed head restraints on the occupied seats. Adjust the head restraint so its cen

     Roof-mounted luggage rack

    General information Roof racks are available as special accessories. Roof drip rail with flaps The fixing points are located in the roof drip rail above the doors. Fold the cover outward. Mounting Follow the installation instructions of the roof rack. Be sure that adequate clearance is maintained

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