BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Cameras

The camera systems provide support for parking, maneuvering and for complex exits and intersections.

The range of camera systems offered has changed completely with the G30. With the exception of the rear view camera, the systems are no longer available as individual items of optional equipment.

The new range strategy now looks like this:

  • The rear view camera is available separately as the rear view camera, optional equipment (OE 3AG).
  • Surround View is offered in conjunction with the Parking Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5DN). The Surround View function with Top View, Panorama View and 3D View provides 360º visibility around the vehicle.
  • The Remote 3D view (Remote 360º) is presented for the first time in conjunction with the Parking Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5DN). This function allows the customer to display images of his parked vehicle on a mobile device (such as a smartphone).


 Surround View

Surround View shows the vehicle surroundings and displays them in TOP View and 3D View on the Central Information Display. The system comprises the front camera, the two cameras integrated in the e

 Panorama View

Panorama View enables the driver to see the cross traffic at blind exits and intersections before proceeding and provides the driver with optimum assistance in this situation. Road users that are hi

 Rear view camera

The rear view camera supports the driver when parking and maneuvering. The area behind the vehicle is recorded by the rear view camera and shown on the Central Information Display. G30 Rear view ca


 General information

Electronic control devices are installed in the vehicle. Electronic control units process data they receive from vehicle sensors, self-generate or exchange with each other. Some control units are necessary for the vehicle to function safely or provide assistance during driving, for instance driver

 Limits of the system

The collision warning has a limited capacity for detection. As a result, incorrect or delayed warnings may occur and consequently Evasion Aid is limited in its operation. It is also possible that the following vehicles are not detected: A slow vehicle when driving off at high speed. Vehicles th

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