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BMW 5 Series: Road Sign Recognition

The Speed Limit Information function is known from the G12. Current top speed limitations are detected by the Road Sign Recognition system and displayed in the instrument cluster or the Head‐Up Display in the form of speed limit symbols.

Road Sign Recognition
Top speed limitation symbol shown in the instrument cluster

  1. Road Sign Recognition (example: a detected top speed limitation is displayed)

Road Sign Recognition (Speed Limit Information) is part of the Active Driving Assistant, optional equipment (OE 5AS), in the G30.

The system does not relieve the driver of personal responsibility for correctly judging the visibility and traffic situation. The driver is solely responsible for the vehicle and the speed at which it is driven.


The road sign detection can be switched on and off via the iDrive menu by making the following selection via the controller:

  • "My Vehicle"
  • "iDrive settings"
  • "Displays"
  • "Instrument panel"
  • Apply desired settings

Limits of the system

Road signs for top speed limitations that do not comply with the legal standard, particularly those without circular frames, are not always detected. The same also applies for road signs which are fully or partially covered by labels, dirt or vegetation. Long distances to the road sign, high driving speeds and poor weather conditions, particularly at night, make it more difficult for the system to recognize road signs reliably. To ensure the current top speed limitations are displayed as accurately as possible, the data of the navigation road map should be up-to-date.

The functionality of the Road Sign Recognition may be impaired in the following situations and this may lead to incorrect information being displayed:

  • Heavy fog, rain or snow.
  • If signs are covered by objects.
  • If driving at close proximity to a vehicle driving ahead.
  • Strong light in the camera lens.
  • If the windscreen in front of the interior mirror is misted over, soiled or covered by stickers, etc.
  • As a result of incorrect detection by the camera.
  • If the top speed limitations stored in the navigation system are incorrect.
  • In areas not covered by the navigation system.
  • In the event of deviations from the navigation, e.g. due to modified road layouts.
  • When overtaking buses or trucks with speed limit stickers.
  • If road signs do not correspond to the standard.
  • When calibrating the camera immediately after vehicle delivery.

The system does not replace the personal assessment of the traffic situation. Due to system restrictions and functional limitations, it may transpire that warnings and alerts are not issued, are issued too late or are unwarranted. The Road Sign Recognition supports the driver and does not replace the human eye.


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