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BMW 5 Series: Rear Seat Entertainment


The rear seat entertainment in the G30 is available as optional equipment (OE 6FH).

The rear seat entertainment corresponds to that of the G12, with the difference that the G30 does not include the BMW Touch Command for controlling the rear seat entertainment. The rear seat entertainment is controlled exclusively via the rear passenger compartment remote control.

Rear Seat Entertainment
G30 Rear display

System wiring diagram

Rear Seat Entertainment
G30 Rear seat entertainment system

  1. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  2. Right rear compartment display
  3. Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)
  4. Fuses in the power distribution box of the luggage compartment
  5. CAN terminator
  6. Light Effect Manager (LEM)
  7. Left rear compartment display
  8. Headunit

BMW Online Entertainment can not be operated via the rear seat entertainment.

Function overview

Rear Seat Entertainment
G30 Function overview of rear seat entertainment system

  1. Central Information Display (CID)
  2. Headunit High 2 (HU-H2)
  3. Radio operating unit
  4. Telematic Communication Box 2 (TCB2)
  5. Rear passenger compartment remote control
  6. Headphones
  7. Right rear compartment display
  8. Left rear compartment display
  9. Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)


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