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BMW 5 Series: Intake Air and Exhaust System

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual / B58TU Engine / Intake Air and Exhaust System


 Crankcase monitoring

On-board diagnosis Feed-in point of the blow-by gases to the clean air line upstream from the exhaust turbocharger Non-return valve Connection to exhaust turbocharger Captive screws Crankcase

 Exhaust turbocharger

B58TU exhaust turbocharger Exhaust turbocharger in the B58TU engine Exhaust turbocharger made of steel, for cylinder head-integrated exhaust manifold ZIAK¹ Exhaust turbocharger made of steel, f

 Fuel System

Fuel preparation The fuel preparation has been modified to meet the requirements of emission legislation. The high pressure pump and the injectors have been revised and designed for a fuel injection


 Set up map

Set up 1. Press the button on the Controller. 2. Move the Controller to the right. 3. "Map settings". 4. Select the desired setting: "Map view": select the map view. "Direction of travel" "Facing north" "Perspective" "Zoom": select scale. "Auto zoom": with active destination gui

 Operation via touchscreen

General information Depending on the equipment version, the Control Display is equipped with a touchscreen. Touch the screen with your fingers. Do not use any objects. Opening the main menu Tap on the symbol. The main menu is displayed. All iDrive functions can be called up via the main menu. Adj

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