BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Fuel System

Fuel preparation

The fuel preparation has been modified to meet the requirements of emission legislation. The high pressure pump and the injectors have been revised and designed for a fuel injection pressure of 350 bar.

Fuel preparation
Fuel preparation, B58TU engine

  1. Injector
  2. Holding clamp
  3. Rail pressure sensor
  4. Rail
  5. High-pressure line
  6. High pressure pump
  7. Quantity control valve
  8. Fuel feed line

Strict cleanliness must be observed when carrying out any work on the fuel system!


 Direct rail

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 ConnectedDrive Services

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 General information

Electronic control devices are installed in the vehicle. Electronic control units process data they receive from vehicle sensors, self-generate or exchange with each other. Some control units are necessary for the vehicle to function safely or provide assistance during driving, for instance driver

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