BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Fuel System

Fuel preparation

The fuel preparation has been modified to meet the requirements of emission legislation. The high pressure pump and the injectors have been revised and designed for a fuel injection pressure of 350 bar.

Fuel preparation
Fuel preparation, B58TU engine

  1. Injector
  2. Holding clamp
  3. Rail pressure sensor
  4. Rail
  5. High-pressure line
  6. High pressure pump
  7. Quantity control valve
  8. Fuel feed line

Strict cleanliness must be observed when carrying out any work on the fuel system!


 Direct rail

Mounting the injectors Mounting bolts Plastic sleeve Holding clamp with bayonet fitting Rail Solenoid valve injector Cast lug The solenoid valve injectors are fastened to the holding clamp w

 Solenoid valve injector

Measures at the solenoid valve injector The following graphic illustrates the differences between the EURO 6b and EURO 6c versions: EURO 6 measures, solenoid valve injector Solenoid valve injecto

 Engine Electrical System


 Overview, HiFi system

Overview In the G30, 3 speaker systems are offered. A Hi-fi system is installed as standard equipment. The following table gives you an overview of the speaker systems utilized in the G30: HiFi system System wiring diagram G30 System wiring diagram of hi-fi system Tweeter, front center Mid-r

 Night Vision

In the G30, the Night Vision system is available in the form of BMW Night Vision with person and animal detection, optional equipment (OE 6UK). Night Vision detects people and animals in optimum conditions at night up to a distance of approximately 330 ft (100 m) away and therefore assists t

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