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BMW 5 Series: Luggage Compartment

Luggage compartment volume

The luggage compartment capacity of the new BMW 5 Series has been increased by 10 liters in comparison to its predecessor, the F10, to 530 liters / 14 ft³. By adding a compact spare wheel as optional equipment, the luggage compartment capacity is reduced accordingly. On vehicles with the (OE 300) space saver spare wheel, the luggage compartment capacity can be restored by the customer back up to the full luggage compartment capacity of 530 liters by taking out the insert with the space saver spare wheel. The same removable panel can be used for this purpose.

Luggage compartment volume
G30 Luggage compartment

  1. Luggage compartment without space saver spare wheel
  1. Luggage compartment removable panel
  1. Luggage compartment with space saver spare wheel
  1. Insert for space saver spare wheel
  2. Luggage compartment removable panel
  3. Space saver spare wheel (OE 300)
  4. Insert for jack/tools

By using the cavities behind the luggage compartment trim panel, it has been possible to house the first aid kit in a separate storage compartment next to the tailgate hinge. The storage compartment with a lid offers further storage options on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side of the luggage compartment customers have access to a storage compartment without a lid. The luggage compartment power distribution box with corresponding fuses is located on the side behind the luggage compartment trim panel.

Luggage compartment volume
G30 Luggage compartment storage compartments

  1. Left/right lashing points
  2. Rear power distribution box with fuses
  3. Storage compartment without lid
  4. Multifunction hook
  5. First aid kit compartment
  6. Storage net
  7. Toolkit storage compartment with lid




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