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BMW 5 Series: Multifunction Steering Wheel


The buttons of the multifunction steering wheel in the G30 are unchanged compared to those in G12.

Part of the assistance system is operated on the left side. Multimedia functions are operated on the right side.

The version of the control panel installed on the left side (assistance systems) depends on the equipment. The following graphic shows a multifunction steering wheel with maximum equipment:

G30 Multifunction steering wheel control panels

  1. Left control panel of the multifunction steering wheel (assistance systems)
  2. Shift paddles
  3. Right control panel of the multifunction steering wheel (infotainment)
  4. Steering wheel heating button

Steering wheel heating

The steering wheel heating button is no longer installed on the side of the steering wheel but is now located centrally on the spoke for easier operation.

G30 Button, steering wheel heating


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