BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Bodyshell


 Body overview, Body structure

Body overview G30 Side frame structure Multiphase steel (> 300 N/mm²) Ultra-high-strength steel (> 900 N/mm²) Aluminum Deep-drawing steel (< 300 N/mm²) Other ste

 Screw connections

Some of the Aluminum-steel connections in the G30 body structure are produced using a new body joining technique: flow drill screws. These include, for example, the connection between the engine sup

 Body Repair Level 1


 Limits of the system

Due to the physical limits during the ultrasonic measurement, obstructions may not be detected by the Park Distance Control system. Several examples of this are shown below: If the objects are thin or wedge-shaped. When the objects are low. When objects that, due to their shape, have corners an


Body Domain Controller (BDC) Body Domain Controller (BDC) BDC functions The Body Domain Controller BDC is responsible for the following functions: Gateway Electronic immobilizer Terminal control Central locking system Exterior lights Power windows Horn Interior light Wash/wipe system Veh

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