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BMW 5 Series: Collision Warning

The camera-based collision warning is part of the Active Driving Assistant optional equipment (OE 5AS) in the G30 and is implemented using the KAFAS stereo camera.

The collision warning in the new BMW 5 Series contains the familiar Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation and Daytime Pedestrian Protection functions.

In vehicles with the Active Driving Assistant Plus optional equipment (OE 5AT), the cruise control radar sensor is also used to control the collision warning.

Collision Warning
G30 Fusion of the KAFAS stereo camera/ACC radar sensor (diagram of the monitoring ranges)

  1. Close range
  2. Long distance
  1. KAFAS stereo camera detection range
  2. Detection range of the radar sensor

Vehicles with the Active Driving Assistant Plus optional equipment (OE 5AT) have the Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function integrated as standard.

The system warns the driver in situations where a collision is imminent. The early warning, a visual signal, is issued first to draw the driver's attention to the situation. If the situation becomes more critical, an acute early warning in the form of a visual and acoustic signal is issued. The nature of the warning is such that the driver can still prevent a collision providing he acts quickly.

The collision warning is dependent on the vehicle's own driving speed. The distance measured for the collision warning is significantly lower than the legally required minimum distance. It is therefore the responsibility of the driver to adhere to the legal minimum distance.


 Warning and braking function

Displays Early warning: Vehicle symbol lights up red Increase distance and brake if necessary Acute warning: Vehicle symbol flashes red and a signal sounds Request for intervention


The collision warning and pedestrian warning are switched on and off using the Intelligent Safety button. G30 Intelligent Safety button Intelligent Safety button The point at which the early coll

 Limits of the system

The collision warning has a limited capacity for detection. As a result, incorrect or delayed warnings may occur. It is possible the following vehicles are not detected: A slow vehicle when drivi



History Historical overview of the BMW 5 Series E12 (1972-1981) E28 (1981-1987) E34 (1987-1995) E39 (1995-2003) E60/E61 (2003-2010) F10/F11 (2010-2016) G30 (SOP late 2016 as 2017 MY) Overview of system descriptions Many of the systems used are already known from the current BMW 7 Series G1

 Panic mode

You can trigger the alarm system if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Press the button on the vehicle key and hold for at least 3 seconds. Briefly press the button on the vehicle key three times in succession. To switch off the alarm: press any button. Headlight courtesy delay feat

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