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BMW 5 Series: Overview of the configuration menu

The system is operated by pressing the Intelligent Safety button and using a menu to configure the Intelligent Safety systems on the Central Information Display (CID).

Intelligent Safety
G30 Intelligent Safety overview configuration menu

  1. "Intelligent Safety" configuration menu
  2. "ALL ON" selection
  3. Note for the driver: the colored circle shows the driver the activation status of the Intelligent Safety systems. The color of the circle always matches the color of the Intelligent Safety button indicator light.
  4. "INDIVIDUAL" selection
  5. "ALL OFF" selection
  6. "Configure INDIVIDUAL"
  7. Note for the driver: In this example the information is being provided that the driver must hold the controller down for three seconds after selecting the ALL OFF menu item to deactivate the Intelligent Safety systems.


  • All Intelligent Safety systems are switched on. The basic settings are activated for the subfunctions, for example the warning time setting. The Intelligent Safety button lights up green.


  • The Intelligent Safety systems are switched on in accordance with the individual settings.

    Depending on the vehicle equipment, the Intelligent Safety systems can be configured individually. The individual settings are activated and stored for the respective ID transmitter used.

Intelligent Safety
G30 Intelligent Safety ("Configure INDIVIDUAL" selection)

  1. "Intelligent Safety" configuration menu
  2. "Configure INDIVIDUAL"

Intelligent Safety
G30 Intelligent Safety "INDIVIDUAL" configuration menu (settings options)

  1. "Configure INDIVIDUAL"
  2. "Pedestrian alert active"
  3. "Collision warning" (selected setting: Medium)
  4. "Lane Departure Warning" (selected setting: Always)
  5. "Steering intervention"
  6. "Blind Spot Detection" (selected setting: Medium)
  7. "Steering intervention"
  8. "Side Collision Avoidance"
  9. "Give way warning" (not for US) (setting selected: Early)

As soon as a setting is changed in the menu, all the settings the driver has previously configured are activated. The Intelligent Safety button lights up orange.


  • All Intelligent Safety systems are switched off. The Intelligent Safety button does not light up.


     Collision Warning

    The camera-based collision warning is part of the Active Driving Assistant optional equipment (OE 5AS) in the G30 and is implemented using the KAFAS stereo camera. The collision warning in the

     Warning and braking function

    Displays Early warning: Vehicle symbol lights up red Increase distance and brake if necessary Acute warning: Vehicle symbol flashes red and a signal sounds Request for intervention


    The collision warning and pedestrian warning are switched on and off using the Intelligent Safety button. G30 Intelligent Safety button Intelligent Safety button The point at which the early coll


     Surround View

    Surround View shows the vehicle surroundings and displays them in TOP View and 3D View on the Central Information Display. The system comprises the front camera, the two cameras integrated in the exterior mirrors, the rear view camera (RFK) and the Top Rear Side View Camera (TRSVC) control unit.

     Technical data

    General information The technical data and specifications in the Owner's Manual are used as guidance values. The vehicle-specific data can deviate from this, for instance due to the selected special equipment, country version or country-specific measurement method. Detailed values can be found in t

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