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BMW 5 Series: Intelligent Safety

Due to the ever increasing amount of traffic on our roads, Driver Assistance Systems in vehicles continue to gain in importance. The systems have different functions: some gather information to help the driver in the decision-making process, while others take on the driver's roles in monotonous traffic situations or intervene to make corrections.

The Driver Assistance Systems support the driver on highways, single-lane roads and in urban environments. Systems such as the Daytime Pedestrian Protection provide support in urban traffic, for instance. Night Vision can assist the driver when driving on single-lane roads with adjacent woodland (deer crossings, etc.). The Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Detection as well as the Side Collision Avoidance provide even more safety in traffic. Accidents can be avoided through automatic brake interventions, active steering interventions or a combination of both.

Once more, new Driver Assistance Systems are being presented with the launch of a new BMW 5 Series. The Intelligent Safety menu has been adapted to the new systems accordingly.

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the driver has a multitude of individual configurations available in the Intelligent Safety menu. For some systems, no configuration options are provided by the operating concept. Thus, for example, Evasion Aid can only be deactivated by switching off all Intelligent Safety systems (ALL OFF).

Depending on the vehicle equipment, Intelligent Safety consists of one or several systems, which can help to avoid a potential collision. The following systems are offered in the G30:

  • Daytime Pedestrian Protection
  • Night Vision with person and animal recognition
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Side Collision Avoidance
  • Evasion Aid
  • Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation

The Intelligent Safety button, already familiar from other BMW models, enables the Driver Assistance Systems to be operated centrally. This means the systems can be switched on or off using a button and the submenu can be called up to personalize the settings.

Intelligent Safety
G30 Intelligent Safety button

  1. Intelligent Safety button

Press button

  • The "Intelligent Safety" menu is displayed on the Central Information Display (CID).

    Settings can be made using the controller. The individual settings are stored for the respective ID transmitter used.

Press and release button

  • When all Intelligent Safety systems are switched on: Intelligent Safety systems are switched off individually depending on the individual setting.
  • When all Intelligent Safety systems are not switched on: All Intelligent Safety systems are switched on.

Press button for an extended period

  • All Intelligent Safety systems are switched off.

Intelligent Safety
G30 Status indicator light (Intelligent Safety button)

  1. All Intelligent Safety systems are switched on
  2. Some Intelligent Safety systems are switched off or sub-function settings have been changed
  3. All Intelligent Safety systems are switched off

The Intelligent Safety systems are automatically active after each engine start via the START-STOP button.


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