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BMW 5 Series: Driver Assistance Systems

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual / Driver Assistance Systems



The most versatile range of Driver Assistance Systems ever for a BMW model was launched with the introduction of the G12. Numerous innovative systems have been introduced and have opened the way for

 G30 Bus Overview

G30 Bus overview ACC - Active Cruise Control ACSM - Advanced Crash Safety Module AMPT - Top HiFi amplifier ASD - Active Sound Design BDC - Body Domain Controller CON - Controller DME - Digital Motor


Since the requirements on the KAFAS camera have further increased in the new BMW 5 Series, the KAFAS stereo camera, familiar from the G12, is also used on the G30. KAFAS stereo camera The KAFAS ster


 Active seat ventilation

Concept Integrated fans in the seat and armrest areas provide a comfortable seat temperature. Overview Active seat ventilation Switching on Press the button once for each ventilation level. The highest level is active when three LEDs are lit. The ventilation switches back by one level after a sh


The product information "B58 Engine" serves as the basis for this document. This document exclusively describes the changes to the B58 engine and serves to support Technical Service. Due to the huge similarities, the two engines are described in the one document. Innovations To meet the legal req

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