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BMW 5 Series: Introduction

The product information "B58 Engine" serves as the basis for this document. This document exclusively describes the changes to the B58 engine and serves to support Technical Service.

Due to the huge similarities, the two engines are described in the one document.


To meet the legal requirements for emissions, a number of technical improvements have been implemented. The technical updates for the B58TU engine include the following new features:

New features on the B58TU engine

  1. Fuel preparation with 350 bar injection pressure
  2. Cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold
  3. Adapted exhaust turbocharger made from steel
  4. Split cooling
  5. Coolant pump with integrated pressure relief valve
  6. Heat management module with electric split cooling valve
  7. Single-part chain drive

Weight savings in the crankshaft drive area, injection pressure boosting in the fuel preparation area, and function changes in the engine cooling area have made it possible to reduce the CO2 emissions by 2.5%, while increasing engine performance by 10 kW/50 Nm. (13 hp/36 lb-ft)

Technical data

The following engine versions are described in this product information:

Technical data

Performance diagrams

Technical data
Comparison of performance curves between B58B30M1 and B58B30M0 engine

Model overview

The following table provides an overview of the models in which the new B58TU engine is used from 07/2018:

Technical data


     Engine Mechanical

     Engine housing

     Cylinder head

    The following figures show the two cylinder head variants with and without the cylinder head-integrated exhaust manifold. Cylinder head of B58TU engine Cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifo


     General information, Safety information

    General information The BMW display key is supplied with an additional mechanical key. If the display key is used, the mechanical key should be carried with you, for instance in the wallet. The mechanical key is used like the integrated key. The display key supports all functions of the standard


    Button in the vehicle Intelligent Safety Camera The camera is installed near the interior mirror. Keep the windshield in front of the interior mirror clean and clear. Switching on/off Switching on automatically The lane departure warning activates automatically after departure if the function wa

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