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BMW 5 Series: Driving Stability Control

Driving Stability Control
FlexRay bus overview in the G30

ACSM - Advanced Crash Safety Module
DSC - Dynamic Stability Control
EARSV - Electric active roll stabilization front
EARSH - Electric active roll stabilization rear
EPS - Electromechanical Power Steering
HSR - Rear axle slip angle control
SAS - Optional equipment system
VDP - Vertical Dynamic Platform
VTG - Transfer case

As is already familiar from the G12, the G30 does not have Integrated Chassis Management (ICM). The ICM functions are distributed between the optional equipment system (SAS) and the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC).

It has been possible to further improve the driving dynamics in the G30 by selective use of various control functions. This is particularly keenly felt in relation to the steering behavior, the traction and the vehicle's stability.

The control units necessary to meet the requirements on driving dynamics are located on the FlexRay bus. This allows them to quickly exchange their information with each other and react to events.

The following actuators are activated as needed:

  • Rear axle slip angle control HSR (optional equipment)
  • Electronic Power Steering EPS (standard equipment)
  • DME engine control unit
  • VTG transfer case (optional equipment)
  • Electric active roll stabilization at the front and rear (EARSV/EARSH) (optional equipment)
  • Electronic Damper Control (EDC) (optional equipment)

The tables below provide an overview of the various control functions and their effects on the drivability.

Driving Stability Control

Driving Stability Control


 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Alongside the Vertical Dynamics Platform (VDP) control unit, the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) represents the core element of the driving dynamics control systems used to increase active safety. I


The G30 has Electronic Power Steering (EPS) in the following different versions: Standard steering 12 V Integral Active Steering 12 V Integral Active Steering 24 V Overview of equipment specific

 Electric Active Roll Stabilization (EARS)

System overview of electric active stabilization in the G30 Electric active roll stabilization front (EARSV) Front right vertical acceleration sensor Auxiliary battery in the engine compartment


 Overview of Sensors

The graphic below provides an overview of the main sensors used in the G30 for the Driver Assistance Systems and shows their installation locations. G30 Overview of sensors Control unit for radar sensor, right (RSR) (also known as Short Range Radar (SRR) in Technical Systems) KAFAS stereo came


The system is switched on via the Traffic Jam Assistant button on the multifunction steering wheel (MFL). G30 buttons for ACC Stop&Go with Active Driving Assistant Plus optional equipment (OE 5AT) Button for activating or deactivating the Active Lane Keeping Assistant and Traffic Jam

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