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BMW 5 Series: Fatigue and Focus Alert

The Fatigue and Focus Alert helps to avoid accidents caused by tiredness on long, monotonous journeys. It is part of the Active Protection equipment (OE 5AL) included in the basic equipment.

A change in the driver's driving behavior is perceived by the Fatigue and Focus Alert. In the event of increasing inattentiveness or if the driver is tired, the Fatigue and Focus Alert shows a display recommending that the driver take a break as a Check Control message in the Central Information Display (CID).

The Fatigue and Focus Alert is automatically active after each engine start from a speed of roughly 43 mph (70 km/h).


The Fatigue and Focus Alert can be switched on and off via the iDrive menu. The driver can also set the level of sensitivity in this menu by making the following selection via the controller:

  • "My Vehicle"
  • "Vehicle settings"
  • "Fatigue and Focus Alert"
  • Select desired settings

G30 Fatigue and Focus Alert display on the CID

  1. "Fatigue and Focus Alert" menu
  2. Additional note for the driver
  3. "Sensitive"
  4. Standard
  5. Off

The settings for the Fatigue and Focus Alert has the following differences:


Limits of the system

The functionality may be impaired in the following situations and no warning or an incorrect warning may be issued:

  • If the clock is set incorrectly.
  • If the speed is predominantly below approximately 43 mph (70 km/h).
  • If the driver adopts a sporty driving style, for example rapid acceleration or fast cornering.
  • In active driving situations, for example frequent lane changes.
  • Poor road condition.
  • Strong crosswind.

The system does not relieve the driver of personal responsibility for correctly judging his physical condition. Increasing inattentiveness or fatigue may not be detected at all or in time.


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