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BMW 5 Series: Introduction

General information

The new BMW 5 Series with the development code G30 will be equipped with a further developed and optimized heating and air conditioning system. The heating and air-conditioning system is similar to the BMW G12. The G30 uses the new R1234yf refrigerant.

A brushless blower motor is installed in the heating and air-conditioning housing which provides the supply of fresh air to the vehicle interior via the fresh air microfilters. The microfilters can be replaced from an access point from the footwell area under the dashboard on the passenger's side.

The IHKA control unit is separate from the IHKA control panel and is located behind the dashboard on the passenger side towards the center of the vehicle.

General information
IHKA control module location


Currently only one version of climate control is available for the G30.

  • 3/2-zone IHKA

In terms of technology, the G30's climate control system is based on the G12 system. For more detailed information on the topics listed below, please refer to the Training Reference Manual "ST1501 G12 Complete Vehicle" Climate Control section.



     System Overview

    IHKA, 3/2-zone The climate control system is divided into two zones. The first digit "3" represents the individually adjustable temperature settings, the second digit "2" represents the zones in whi


    On the G30 the stratification for the driver/front passenger is not adjusted in the usual manner by the knurled wheels on the front dash panel. Instead, there is a menu button located in the center

     Passive Safety Systems


     Intelligent Safety

    Due to the ever increasing amount of traffic on our roads, Driver Assistance Systems in vehicles continue to gain in importance. The systems have different functions: some gather information to help the driver in the decision-making process, while others take on the driver's roles in monotonous t

     Air intake and exhaust emission systems

    Air intake duct In contrast to the 4- and 6-cylinder gasoline engines, the 8-cylinder gasoline engine has a two-branch intake system. This ensures that the necessary air volume is made available to the engine in every load range. Gasoline engine air intake duct in the G30 B46 engine B58 Engine

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