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BMW 5 Series: System Overview

IHKA, 3/2-zone

The climate control system is divided into two zones. The first digit "3" represents the individually adjustable temperature settings, the second digit "2" represents the zones in which the amount of air can be individually controlled.

In the G30, a 3/2-zone IHKA system is installed as standard equipment. Three different temperature zones can be set by the driver/front passenger and in the rear passenger compartment. The amount of air can only be regulated from the front control panel by the driver or front passenger. An automatic air recirculation control sensor is installed for automatic recirculated air flap control. The solar sensor is mounted on the windshield underneath the trim of the mirror base. Under strong sunlight conditions, it controls the temperature, amount of air and air distribution accordingly for the air conditioning. This is so the selected temperature for the vehicles interior is properly maintained.

IHKA, 3/2-zone
3/2-zone IHKA - overview

  1. Air flow control for driver/front passenger
  2. Temperature control for driver/front passenger
  3. Temperature control for the rear passenger compartment via stratification

Wiring diagram

IHKA, 3/2-zone
G30 3/2-zone IHKA wiring diagram

  1. Rain‐light‐solar-condensation sensor
  2. Air conditioning compressor
  3. Automatic air recirculation control sensor
  4. Outside temperature sensor
  5. Refrigerant pressure sensor
  6. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  7. Fuses for Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  8. Blower motor
  9. Temperature sensor for evaporator
  10. Temperature sensor, footwell, front right
  11. Temperature sensor, footwell, front left
  12. Stratification controller for rear passenger compartment with illumination
  13. Stepper motor for driver footwell
  14. Stepper motor for driver/front passenger stratification
  15. Stepper motor for ventilation, rear passenger compartment
  16. Stepper motor for front passenger footwell
  17. Stepper motor, defrost
  18. Stepper motor for front passenger ventilation
  19. Stepper motor for stratification, front passenger
  20. Stepper motor for ventilation, driver
  21. Stepper motor for air recirculation function
  22. Stepper motor for front blending flap, left
  23. Stepper motor for front blending flap, right
  24. Stepper motor for fresh air
  25. Control unit, integrated automatic heating/air conditioning (IHKA)
  26. Air conditioning control panel for driver/front passenger
  27. Lighting for ventilation outlet, driver
  28. Temperature sensor for center vent, driver/front passenger
  29. Lighting for ventilation outlet, front passenger

Air conditioning control panel

The 3/2-zone IHKA uses the familiar operating concept from the G12. It provides the driver and front passenger with individual and separate left/right temperature control, blower control and individual selection of an automatic program. All functions on this control panel are controlled using buttons.

Depending on the equipment installed, the amount of air and air distribution for the driver/front passenger, seat heating and active seat ventilation can be controlled using the IHKA control panel.

On the 3/2-zone IHKA, the current settings of the driver for temperature, amount of air and air distribution can be transferred to the passenger's side by pressing the SYNC button on the right side of the IHKA control panel. The IHKA menu is opened in the Central Information Display (CID) by the menu button in the center of the IHKA control panel. The stratification for driver/front passenger can be adjusted separately in this menu along with setting the activation times for the parked car ventilation. More information on the adjustment of the air stratification can be found in next section "Stratification".

IHKA, 3/2-zone
G30 3/2-zone air conditioning control panel

Rear passenger compartment temperature control

The temperature in the rear passenger compartment is adjusted by a conventional stratification wheel.

The amount of air for the rear passenger compartment is supplied by the main blower motor installed in the passenger footwell under the dashboard. The air volume can only be adjusted by the front control panel by the driver or front passenger. The air flow can be turned off by the rear passengers by rotating the air control wheels on the rear panel.

IHKA, 3/2-zone
Control panel for the rear passenger compartment



    On the G30 the stratification for the driver/front passenger is not adjusted in the usual manner by the knurled wheels on the front dash panel. Instead, there is a menu button located in the center

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