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BMW 5 Series: Apple CarPlay Preparation


Apple CarPlay offers the capability of easily and conveniently reproducing selected content from the iPhone in the vehicle. Displaying the Apple icons on the Central Information Display (CID) permits intuitive operation and control of the functions.

G30 Apple CarPlay in the Central Information Display (CID)

  1. Main screen with Apple CarPlay
  2. Assistance window, here, for example, shown with the BMW navigation map

Apple CarPlay is displayed only in the main screen. The Apple CarPlay logo is displayed if there is no function in the assistance window. Apple CarPlay is activated by pressing and holding the menu button on the controller.


The vehicle and the iPhone must satisfy certain prerequisites before Apple CarPlay can be used.


The Apple CarPlay function runs on the iPhone 5 and more recent models.

The iPhone operating system must be at least iOS 9.3.3.

Other Apple devices (iPad or iPod) cannot be connected to the vehicle via Apple CarPlay.


The Apple CarPlay preparation optional equipment (OE 6CP) is added to the BMW Online and BMW Apps standard equipment (OE 6AK) and the standard equipment Professional navigation system (OE 609). Selected data attributes are swapped between the smartphone and the vehicle when Apple CarPlay is used.

Further information about Apple CarPlay may be found in the ST1610 Infotainment 2016 Product Information.


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