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BMW 5 Series: Introduction, Headunit


New features in the G30

The G30 builds on the technology of the G12. This product information manual describes the new features or changes compared to the G12.

The following table shows the new features and changes in the G30 compared to the G12:

New features in the G30



In the G30, one headunit is installed:

  • Headunit High 2 (HU-H2)

With the G12, the HU-H2 received a function hub with new user interface (ID5). The user interface of the HU-H2 has been revised again in the G30 compared to the G12.

You can find further information about the revised user interface in the "G30 Display and Operating Elements" product information.

Further information

The hardware of the HU-H2 is already known from other BMW models. You can find additional information about this in the following Technical Reference manual:

  • ST1502 F23 Complete Vehicle
  • ST1501 G12 Complete Vehicle "section Audio Systems"


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