BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Introduction

The most versatile range of Driver Assistance Systems ever for a BMW model was launched with the introduction of the G12.

Numerous innovative systems have been introduced and have opened the way for highly automated driving. It is planned that the technical prerequisites will have been laid for an "Autobahn pilot" by 2020 so that we will be able to offer highly automated driving for the first time.

At present, however, the appropriate legal foundations have not been laid for autonomous driving.

Drivers are still expected to drive with both hands on the steering wheel, although systems are already in place to drive the vehicle autonomously in certain situations.

The already comprehensive range of Driver Assistance Systems has been expanded again in the G30 to include revolutionary new systems. Systems such as Intersection Warning are in use. Evasion Aid is presented for the first time with the launch of the G30. For even greater convenience, the restart time on the Active Cruise Control Stop&Go function has been increased, and the detection of more information and the incorporation of further sensors has made more driver-like driving characteristics possible.

A further feature among the camera systems is the Remote 3D View function which makes it possible to transmit an image of the parked vehicle to mobile devices.

The interplay between the varied and intelligent Driver Assistance Systems supports the driver in every respect; from making driving more comfortable to providing the reassuring feeling of safety on all roads.

The Driver Assistance Systems help to make the driver's life easier by:

  • Providing the driver with information
  • Prompting the driver with suggestions
  • Automatically intervening in the driving process

This reference manual contains an overview of all the Driver Assistance Systems used in the G30:

  • Camera-based collision warning
  • Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation
  • Daytime Pedestrian Protection
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Side Collision Avoidance
  • Intersection Warning
  • Road Sign Recognition
  • Proactive Driving Assistant
  • Fatigue and Focus Alert
  • Night vision
  • Camera systems
  • Park Distance Control
  • Cross Traffic Alert
  • Parking Maneuvering Assistant
  • Remote Control Parking
  • Speed control
  • Speed limit warning
  • Traffic Jam Assistant
  • Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance
  • Evasion Aid

Identifying road users driving ahead as well as detecting objects and lane edges are among the most important prerequisites for the Driver Assistance Systems. This applies not only for the far range but also the close range.

The optional functions available for the G30 are implemented either as camera-based systems with a shared camera and integrated control unit, or using sensors such as ultrasonic or radar sensors.

Evaluation signals provided by various control units (for example, from the Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)) are also taken into consideration.

Further information

The Driver Assistance Systems in the new BMW 5 Series builds on those of the BMW 7 Series G12.

Accompanying information for the topics listed below may be found in the "G12 Driver Assistance Systems" reference manual.


For more information on the operating concept of the Driver Assistance Systems, please refer to the Owner's Handbook.


     G30 Bus Overview

    G30 Bus overview ACC - Active Cruise Control ACSM - Advanced Crash Safety Module AMPT - Top HiFi amplifier ASD - Active Sound Design BDC - Body Domain Controller CON - Controller DME - Digital Motor


    Since the requirements on the KAFAS camera have further increased in the new BMW 5 Series, the KAFAS stereo camera, familiar from the G12, is also used on the G30. KAFAS stereo camera The KAFAS ster

     Optional Equipment System

    The G30 also features the Optional Equipment System (SAS) control unit which is already familiar and which provides a host of Driver Assistance System functions. Possible functions: Frontal Collis


     Lashing eyes in the cargo area

    General information Attach load securing aids, such as lashing straps, tensioning straps, draw straps or cargo nets, to the lashing eyes in the cargo area. Lashing eyes There are four lashing eyes in the cargo area for securing cargo. Storage compartments in the cargo area Multi-function hook Gener


    On the G30 the 2-wire OABR Ethernet (OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach) from the G12 is used. The Ethernet variant with 5 lines (4 data lines and 1 activation line) is still used on the G30 by the OBD2 interface to the Body Domain Controller. Use of 2-wire OABR Ethernet on the G30 The following control

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