BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Drive Variants

Like in the predecessor, the G30 is offered with optional xDrive all-wheel drive. All models receive the 8-speed Sport automatic transmission as standard.

Drive Variants
Drive overview G30

  1. Engine
  2. Automatic transmission
  3. Transfer box VTG (only for xDrive)
  4. Prop shaft
  5. Output shaft, rear
  6. Rear axle differential
  7. Front drive shaft (only for xDrive)
  8. Front output shaft (only for xDrive)
  9. Front axle differential (only for xDrive)


With the exception of the 8-cylinder gasoline engine (N63TU2), which has had an engineering upgrade, the newly-developed modular engines are used. All engines meet the ULEV II or SULEV regulations for the US.

  • ULEV II = Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle
  • SULEV = Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle

G30 models



     Gasoline Engines

    The engines of the G30 are already known from the BMW 7 Series G12. The following table shows the common features and differences in terms of power and torque specifications in the various performan

     Technical data

    Technical data BMW 530i engine B46B20O0 engine in the G30 Engine highlights B46B20O0 List of the most important special features: 1. Direct rail injection system with 200 bar pressure. 2. 4th gene

     BMW 540i engine technical data

    B58B30M0 engine in the G30 Engine highlights B58B30M0 List of the most important special features: 1. Direct rail injection system with 200 bar pressure. 2. Valvetronic 4th generation. 3. Heat man


     Functional prerequisites

    To use the Parking Maneuvering Assistant function, the following basic prerequisites must be met: The doors must be closed The trunk lid must be closed The driver's seat belt must be fastened The parking brake must be released Measuring parking spaces Parking spaces are measured while driving

     Tire inflation pressure

    General information The tire characteristics and tire inflation pressure influence the following: The service life of the tires. Road safety. Driving comfort. Fuel consumption. Safety information Warning A tire with too little or no tire inflation pressure may heat up significantly and sustain

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