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BMW 5 Series: User Interface


The G30 contains a new user interface. It is referred to as the ID6 (BMW iDrive of the 6th generation).

Marketing refers to the user interface of the G30 as the "New Interface Design".

The user interface of the G12 is referred to as the ID5. Although they have the same head unit (HU- H2), the vehicles have a different user interface. The breakdown of the individual menus is identical to the user interface of the G12.

G30 CID main menu


Content of the tiles

The contents of the following tiles can be personalized:


  • Map
  • Arrow view

On-board computer

  • Reduced on-board computer
  • On-board computer
  • Driving style analysis


Some examples are listed:

  • Weather
  • News
  • Wiki Local
  • Yelp
  • My News

The setting is made in the "My vehicle" menu or in the main menu by pressing the OPTION button on the controller.

Live tiles

The information on the tiles is displayed in real-time. Thus, for example, an active navigation can continue to be used in the main menu.

Detailed view

Double-clicking on the menu button on the controller changes the display on the main menu to three larger tiles.

G30 Detailed view of the tiles

  1. View of all 6 tiles
  2. Detailed view of the 3 left-hand tiles
  3. Detailed view of the 3 right-hand tiles

Individual arrangement

The tile arrangement is not fixed. The order of the tiles can be adjusted to individual requirements.

Now with the Head Unit High 2 (HU-H2), the tiles can be moved using the touch function similar to the method used on a smartphone.

G30 Individual arrangement of the tiles

The tiles can also be moved via the controller.

G30 Arrangement of the tiles via the controller


In the G12, the favorites (the last 20 menus selected) are not called up by double-clicking the menu button on the controller but by pressing and holding the BACK button on the controller. Double- clicking on the menu button on the controller changes the view in the main menu from 6 to 3 tiles (or vice versa).

G30 CID favorites

Direct opening

In vehicles with a CID with touch function, the displayed menu can be opened directly.

G30 Direct menu opening

  1. Selecting the menu item opens the respective main menu
  2. Selecting the graphic opens the displayed menu

Menu adjustment

The large number of new functions and applications can be used to configure a part of the menu.

In the "Adjust menu" submenu, the lists can be individualized to obtain a better overview. Thus, the AM stations can be removed from the radio list, for example.

The following menus can be customized:

  • Radio/Media
  • Communication
  • ConnectedDrive


  • Stored stations
  • FM
  • AM
  • Online Entertainment
  • Music collection
  • Bluetooth audio
  • CD/DVD
  • Screen mirroring
  • USB


  • BMW Assistant
  • BMW Messages
  • News
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Tasks


The adjustment in the ConnectedDrive menu is country-specific due to the BMW Apps.

  • ConnectedDrive Store
  • BMW Assistant
  • Concierge Service
  • BMW Messages
  • Weather
  • News
  • Online search
  • Wiki Local


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