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BMW 5 Series: Remote 3D View

The Remote 3D View (Remote 360º) is provided for the first time on the G30. This function allows the customer to display images of his parked vehicle on a mobile device (such as a smartphone).

The user can send a remote request to the parked vehicle through his device. The vehicle takes images of its surroundings and sends these to the device where an app generates a 3D view.

The view can be adjusted by gesture, as in the vehicle.

The customer thus has the capability of viewing his vehicle's surroundings at any time.


  • What does it look like around my vehicle?
  • Who or what is near my vehicle?

Remote 3D View is part of the Parking Assistant Plus optional equipment (OE 5DN).

Functional principle

Surround View is a prerequisite for Remote 3D View (Remote 360º) as it includes the Top View 3D function. This means that the already familiar cameras are used.

The function is sold via the Remote Services standard equipment (6AP).

The Remote Services, standard equipment (OE 6AP), contains a number of functions that are active for the lifetime of the vehicle. Remote 3D View is, however, an exception. The function is active for 2 years following activation. The service expires after 2 years. In this event, the customer is notified by text and email 2 weeks before expiry of the Remote 3D View service.

When the service has expired, the customer has the option of activating or purchasing the function for a further two years through the ConnectedDrive Shop. Availability of the function can be extended as many times as desired via the ConnectedDrive Shop.


The customer should like to have an image of the area around his parked vehicle.

G30 Remote 3D View

1. He sends a request to the BMW back end via the BMW Connected App (Remote 3D View) on his smartphone.

2. Following verification of the data, the BMW back end passes the request on to the appropriate vehicle. The vehicle then takes four separate Surround View images using the external cameras. These are then sent in the Top Rear Side View Camera control unit to the Telematic Communication Box (TCB) and temporarily buffered.

G30 Remote 3D View: Surround view images

3. The images are then sent by the vehicle through the Telematic Communication Box (TCB) to the BMW back end.

4. The BMW back end sends the image data and a matching encryption code to the customer's smartphone. Once the data has been sent to the smartphone, it is deleted from the BMW back end. The image data received is merged to form a 360º all-round view in the smartphone.

G30 Remote 3D View: view in the smartphone

The 3D optical display appears once the smartphone has received all four images.


The system includes a function detecting any border crossing or the country in which the vehicle is located in order to allow a country-specific release and configuration of the Remote 3D View function while at the same time taking account of local laws which might possibly prohibit the use of this function. The function may be automatically deactivated, as appropriate.

The driver also has the possibility of activating or deactivating the function itself via the iDrive (if the function is supported in the country in which the vehicle is located).

The new status is sent to the BMW back end after every change to the setting (to Remote 3D View deactivated, for example). The BMW back end stores the status permanently and releases or inhibits the function calls as appropriate on the basis of this.


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