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BMW 5 Series: System overview

The Top Rear Side View Camera (TRSVC) and Optional Equipment System (SAS) control units are the central system components of the Remote Control Parking function. The Park Distance Control (PDC) and Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) ultrasonic sensors, and the Surround View cameras record the area around the vehicle. The Comfort Access aerials and Remote Control Parking aerial are used to detect the location of the driver and BMW display key.

The following graphic shows the components required for Remote Control Parking in addition to those that make up the Parking Maneuvering Assistant function.

Remote Control Parking
G30 Remote Control Parking system components

  1. Right side view camera
  2. Remote control receiver (FBD)
  3. Rear view camera (RFK)
  4. Remote Control Parking aerial
  5. Left side view camera
  6. Top Rear Side View Camera (TRSVC) control unit
  7. Front camera

Limits of the system

Remote Control Parking cannot be used when trailer towing.

The function may be restricted in the following situations:

  • On uneven surfaces, e.g. gravel roads.
  • On slippery surfaces.
  • On steep inclines or downhill gradients.
  • If leaves have gathered or snow has piled up in the parking space.
  • If the emergency spare wheel is fitted.
  • If a parking space that has already been measured changes.
  • If there are ditches or chasms, e.g. harbor edges.

Due to the technical system limits of the ultrasonic measurement, the system may react incorrectly or not at all.

Limits of the ultrasonic measurement

  • If there are small children or animals.
  • If the sensors are dirty, iced up, damaged or incorrectly adjusted.
  • If trailer towbars and couplings are used to connect other vehicles.
  • If the objects are projecting and elevated, e.g. wall projections or loads.

Further information about Remote Control Parking may be found in the "G12 Driver Assistance Systems" reference manual.


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