BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Operation

The Park Distance Control system is enabled in the following situations:

  • If drive position R reverse gear is engaged when driving readiness is switched on.
  • If the parking assistance button in the switch block next to the controller is pressed when driving readiness is switched on.
  • Auto PDC is activated and all conditions for automatic activation are met.

Park Distance Control
G30 switch block with parking assistance button

Further information about the operating concept for Auto PDC, the Active Park Distance Control function and acoustic signal output may be found in the "G12 Driver Assistance Systems" reference manual.

Deactivation criteria

Similar to other BMW models, the deactivation is distance/speed-based. The switch-off is effected after a journey of approximately 164 ft (50 m) or at a speed over 6 mph (10 km/h).

If a fault develops, a Check Control message "PDC has malfunctioned. Have system checked." is displayed in the Central Information Display (CID). In addition, the detection range of the sensors is shown shaded in the Central Information Display (CID).


     Limits of the system

    Due to the physical limits during the ultrasonic measurement, obstructions may not be detected by the Park Distance Control system. Several examples of this are shown below: If the objects are thin

     Cross Traffic Alert

    The Cross Traffic Alert was used for the first time in the G12. This warning assists the driver when maneuvering out of a parking space and in other everyday situations where it is difficult to see

     Functional principle

    If a moving object is detected, which based on the current speed would be in the area in front of or behind the vehicle in approximately the next two seconds, a visual and acoustic warning is issued


     Remote Control Parking

    The Remote Control Parking assistant became available for the first time in the G12. This assistance system enables the vehicle to be maneuvered in and out of a parking space remotely using the BMW display key. The system assists the driver to park in tight parking bays or enclosed spaces (s

     Cup holders

    Safety information Warning Unsuitable containers in the cup holders may damage the cup holders or be thrown about the car's interior in the event of an accident, an evasive maneuver, or forceful braking. Spilled liquids can distract from the traffic conditions and lead to an accident. Hot drinks can

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