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BMW 5 Series: Overview of exterior camera operating menu

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual / Driver Assistance Systems / Cameras / Overview of exterior camera operating menu

Once the camera systems have been activated successfully, the driver has the option of selecting the appropriate view or camera via iDrive.

G30 Switch block with Panorama View button

  1. Parking assistance button
  2. Panorama View button

The camera systems can be activated (depending on the vehicle equipment) as follows:

  • Manually by pressing the parking assistance button or the camera button (Panorama View).
  • By engaging drive position "R".
  • By engaging reverse gear (on vehicles with a manual gearbox).
  • Automatically via the "Auto PDC" function.
  • Automatically via the GPS-supported automatic activation of the Panorama View function, provided that activation points have been saved.

G30 Exterior cameras view (camera angles) on the CID

  1. Toolbar
  2. Selection window
  3. Side view
  4. Automatic camera angle
  5. Rear view camera
  6. Moving camera angle
  7. Camera image

Other settings and options can be found in the toolbar, depending on the vehicle equipment. Thus, for example, the driver can switch the parking assistance lines, the obstacle marking etc. on and off, or also make adjustments to the image brightness and contrast. The driver can also activate or deactivate the assistance functions here such as the car wash view, for instance.


     Assistant function

    The following assistance functions are available: Car wash view Side protection Door opening angle Car wash view The car wash view assists the driver when entering a car wash. When the car wash

     Remote 3D View

    The Remote 3D View (Remote 360º) is provided for the first time on the G30. This function allows the customer to display images of his parked vehicle on a mobile device (such as a smartph

     System components

    Front camera The front camera is installed in the center between the two front ornamental grilles on the G30. G30 Front camera Top view camera The two are installed in the exterior mirrors on the G3


     Automatic Transmission

    The revised 8HPTU automatic transmission, which is already known from the F23 (2 Series BMW convertible) and F85/F86 (BMW X5 M, BMW X6 M) and G12 is used in the G30. The special features of the automatic transmission in the G30 are described in this document. 8HPTU automatic transmission with ac

     Display on the Control Display

    System activated/deactivated Gray: the system is not available. White: the system is available but not activated. The system is activated. Parking space search and system status Symbol P on the vehicle image: the parking assistant is activated and the parking space search is active. Control

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