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BMW 5 Series: Displays

Various representations in the CID are possible depending on the vehicle equipment.

The respective peripheral region in the PDC view flashes red if vehicles are detected by the sensors.

Cross Traffic Alert
G30 Cross Traffic Alert in the PDC view

In vehicles with the Parking Assistant Plus, optional equipment (OE 5DN), the warning is shown on the Central Information Display in the PDC view image and in the front camera and rear view camera video images in the form of a red bar.

If Panorama View is activated, the Cross Traffic Alert is shown in the form of a red bar on the Central Information Display.

Cross Traffic Alert
G30 Panorama View (Cross Traffic Alert Front)

Cross Traffic Alert
G30 Panorama View (Cross Traffic Alert Rear)

The Cross Traffic Alert is available to the driver for both the front and rear views.



    Cross Traffic Alert can be switched on and off via the iDrive menu by making the following selection via the controller: "My Vehicle" "Vehicle settings" "Parking" "Cross traffic alert" G30 Cro

     Parking Maneuvering Assistant

    The Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) supports the driver in many ways. The assistant measures the size of a gap between cars and decides, based on the result, whether the gap is large enough to a

     Parallel parking/perpendicular parking

    The Parking Maneuvering Assistant function facilitates maneuvering into parking spaces that are parallel (parallel parking) and perpendicular (bay parking) to the roadway. Curbside parking G30 Princ



    On the G30 the stratification for the driver/front passenger is not adjusted in the usual manner by the knurled wheels on the front dash panel. Instead, there is a menu button located in the center of the IHKA control panel. Pressing this button opens the IHKA menu in the CID. Once the menu is di

     Cup holders

    Safety information Warning Unsuitable containers in the cup holders may damage the cup holders or be thrown about the car's interior in the event of an accident, an evasive maneuver, or forceful braking. Spilled liquids can distract from the traffic conditions and lead to an accident. Hot drinks can

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