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BMW 5 Series: Side protection

The side protection warns against obstacles at the side of the vehicle and thus supports the driver when parking and maneuvering.

Park Distance Control
G30 Side protection

Vehicles with the Parking Assistant, optional equipment (OE 5DM), have side protection.

Obstacles detected by the four side ultrasonic sensors integrated in the bumpers can be displayed by the Park Distance Control system.

Park Distance Control

Functional principle

Four side ultrasonic sensors, two integrated in the front bumper and two integrated in the rear bumper, measure the distance to an obstruction. Obstructions detected by the sensors are tracked along the side of the vehicle as it moves. They are shown on the Central Information Display and, in situations where a collision is imminent, an acoustic warning also sounds.

Park Distance Control
G30 Side protection view on the CID

Obstructions approaching the stationary vehicle are not taken into account, as in this case the system cannot evaluate the situation unequivocally. The prerequisite for identifying obstructions is that the (driver's) vehicle is moving.

The distance markings shown on the Central Information Display are displayed for approximately 13 seconds once the vehicle has stopped. The markings are only shown again once the vehicle starts moving.



    The Park Distance Control system is enabled in the following situations: If drive position R reverse gear is engaged when driving readiness is switched on. If the parking assistance button in the

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    Due to the physical limits during the ultrasonic measurement, obstructions may not be detected by the Park Distance Control system. Several examples of this are shown below: If the objects are thin

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