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BMW 5 Series: Functional principle

Intersection Warning is able to detect an impending collision with crossing traffic in good time and so such collisions can possibly be prevented by this.

The KAFAS stereo camera and the front radar sensor (ACC radar sensor) monitor the traffic conditions. The information obtained from these sources forms the basis for the system. The sensors detect the distance from other traffic and its speed and direction of movement. The speed of the car is also determined.

Functional principle
G30 Intersection Warning


A warning is issued if a risk of a collision (approximately 1 second before the collision) with crossing traffic is detected and its avoidance by the driver or the crossing traffic is only now possible through an uncomfortable maneuver.

The warning is, however, only issued if the crossing traffic is travelling more slowly than the vehicle.

So if the crossing vehicle is travelling faster than the car, no warning would be issued, as the crossing vehicle would be outside the detection range of the sensor system until shortly before the collision.

Warning range

The graphic below shows the danger area which is decisive for the Intersection Warning:

Functional principle
G30 Intersection Warning: Danger area

  1. Danger area
  2. Own vehicle
  3. Vehicle located in the danger area
  4. Vehicle outside the danger area

If the detection system identifies a hazardous situation, it prompts the driver into emergency braking by a visual and an audible warning.

At the same time, the brake system is prefilled. However, there is no automatically triggered brake intervention by the system. It is rather that the driver is prompted to act quickly and to apply the brakes himself. There may be automatic brake-servo assistance during the emergency braking, as necessary.

The brake pressure is regulated as needed for effective panic braking.


The visual warning is given by the following warning symbols:

Functional principle Intersection Warning symbol (warning of vehicle approaching from the left)

Functional principle Intersection Warning symbol (warning of vehicle approaching from the right)

The visual warning appears in the KOMBI instrument cluster or Head‐Up Display if the vehicle is fitted with the Head‐Up Display (OE 610).

Functional principle
G30 Intersection Warning: Warning symbol

The Intersection Warning is active in the speed range from approximately 9 mph (15 km/h) to approximately 40 mph (65 km/h).

The Intersection Warning is also switched off by selecting ALL OFF. There is no separate deactivation or configuration option in the iDrive menu for the Intersection Warning.

The Intersection Warning system does not relieve the driver of personal responsibility for correctly judging the visibility and traffic situation. The driver's driving style should be adapted to the traffic conditions. The driver should check the traffic conditions, and react accordingly if required.


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