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BMW 5 Series: Operation

A special precondition such as the individual configuration capability for the system or deactivation of this function only is not possible.

Evasion Aid can only be deactivated by switching off all Intelligent Safety systems (ALL OFF).

The system does not relieve the driver of personal responsibility for correctly judging the traffic situation. The driver is solely responsible for the vehicle.

Functional prerequisites

Evasion Aid is not linked to a particular road type.

The following parameters are the prerequisites for the availability of Evasion Aid:

  • The vehicle's speed must not be below approximately 25 mph (40 km/h) and be no higher than approximately 100 (160 km/h).
  • The system must have identified a free space for an avoidance maneuver.

    Evasion Aid is generally not available in the following cases:

  • The vehicle's speed is below approximately 25 mph (40 km/h) or higher than approximately 100 mph (160 km/h).
  • During a dynamic overtaking maneuver initiated by the driver.
  • If the Dynamic Stability Control has been switched off by the driver, or there is a fault in the DSC.
  • When all Intelligent Safety systems are switched off.
  • In the event of systemic limitations of the radar sensors or the KAFAS stereo camera.


     Limits of the system

    The collision warning has a limited capacity for detection. As a result, incorrect or delayed warnings may occur and consequently Evasion Aid is limited in its operation. It is also possible that th

     Displays and Controls

     Control Elements


     General information

    Electronic control devices are installed in the vehicle. Electronic control units process data they receive from vehicle sensors, self-generate or exchange with each other. Some control units are necessary for the vehicle to function safely or provide assistance during driving, for instance driver


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