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BMW 5 Series: Limits of the system

The collision warning has a limited capacity for detection. As a result, incorrect or delayed warnings may occur and consequently Evasion Aid is limited in its operation. It is also possible that the following vehicles are not detected:

  • A slow vehicle when driving off at high speed.
  • Vehicles that suddenly swerve or decelerate rapidly.
  • Vehicles with an unusual rear view or with insufficiently visible rear lights.
  • Partially concealed vehicles.
  • Two-wheeled vehicles travelling ahead.

The function of the KAFAS stereo camera and the radar sensors, and thus the function of Evasion Aid may be impaired in the following situations:

  • Heavy fog, rain, spray or snow.
  • Insufficient light.
  • Strong light in the camera lens.
  • If the field of view of the KAFAS stereo camera or the windscreen is dirty.
  • On sharp bends.
  • Up to 10 seconds after engine start via the START-STOP button.
  • On restriction or deactivation of the driving dynamics systems, for example DSC OFF.
  • During the calibration process for the KAFAS stereo camera immediately after vehicle delivery or a camera change.

Evasion Aid does not release the driver from his comprehensive responsibility as the driver. There can be functional limitations because of system restrictions.


     Displays and Controls

     Control Elements


    In the BMW 5 Series, interior design, functionality and comfort have reached an even higher level. The G30 is a pioneer in intuitive operation. The continually upgraded BMW iDrive system makes a ran


     System overview

    Below we describe which main components or sensors are relevant to Evasion Aid. Object or obstacles are detected by means of the KAFAS stereo camera and the ACC Stop&Go front radar sensor. The four side radar sensors monitor the area around the vehicle. The data from the KAFAS stereo c

     Solenoid valve injector

    Measures at the solenoid valve injector The following graphic illustrates the differences between the EURO 6b and EURO 6c versions: EURO 6 measures, solenoid valve injector Solenoid valve injector HDEV5 Bx8 engine, EURO 6b Solenoid valve injector HDEV5 EVO Bx8 engine, EURO 6c Solenoid valve i

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