BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Operation

The system is switched on via the Traffic Jam Assistant button on the multifunction steering wheel (MFL).

Functional principle
G30 buttons for ACC Stop&Go with Active Driving Assistant Plus optional equipment (OE 5AT)

  1. Button for activating or deactivating the Active Lane Keeping Assistant and Traffic Jam Assistant
  2. Button for activating or deactivating ACC Stop&Go
  3. Rocker switch for changing the set speed
  4. "SET" button for setting the speed of cruise control
  5. Button for adjusting the distance of the driver's vehicle to the vehicle driving ahead
  6. Button for calling up a saved set speed/temporarily switching off the cruise control


Functional principle Grey steering wheel symbol:

  • The system has been interrupted and will not make any further steering wheel movements. The system is in Standby mode.

  • Once the system conditions are met, the system reactivates itself automatically.

Functional principle Green steering wheel symbol and lane edges:

  • The system assists in keeping the vehicle in the lane.

Functional principle Green steering wheel symbol, grey lane edges:

  • No lane edges detected. The vehicle follows the vehicle driving ahead.

Functional principle Yellow steering wheel symbol:

  • Request for driver to place hands back on the steering wheel (grasp steering wheel). System continues to be active.

Functional principle Red steering wheel symbol and acoustic signal sounds:

  • The system has been interrupted. It will not make any further steering wheel movements.

Configuration options

The driver can change the system settings in the Intelligent Safety configuration menu.


     Deactivation criteria

    The Active Lane Keeping Assistant and Traffic Jam Assistant is deactivated automatically in the following situations: If the vehicle departs from the detected lane or the lane width does not meet

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