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BMW 5 Series: System components

Park Distance Control
G30 Park Distance Control system components

  1. Ultrasonic sensors for Park Distance Control, front
  2. Central Information Display (CID)
  3. Operating unit
  4. Control unit for Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA)
  5. Ultrasonic sensors, Park Distance Control, rear
  6. Head Unit High

Vehicles that do not have the Parking Maneuvering Assistant but do have the Park Distance Control have a separate control unit, which is recognized as the PMA control unit by diagnosis and is also referred to by this name in the bus diagram. In other words, there is no longer a difference in the naming of the PDC and PMA control unit (there are however differences in the hardware design between the control units and the software is adapted to the equipment specification).

Park Distance Control
G30 Control unit for Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA)


     Auto PDC

    On the G30, Auto PDC is activated automatically if the vehicle is approaching an object at a speed below approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) and the object is located in a collision-critical area. The

     Side protection

    The side protection warns against obstacles at the side of the vehicle and thus supports the driver when parking and maneuvering. G30 Side protection Vehicles with the Parking Assistant, optional eq


    The Park Distance Control system is enabled in the following situations: If drive position R reverse gear is engaged when driving readiness is switched on. If the parking assistance button in the


     Functional principle

    The system measures potential parking spaces when driving past at a speed below approximately 22 mph (35 km/h) even without the system having been activated. The parking spaces are measured by two additional ultrasonic sensors, which are integrated into the front wheel arch. Two additional u


    Front airbag, driver Front airbag, front passenger Head airbag Side airbag Knee airbag Front airbags Front airbags help protect the driver and the front passenger by responding to frontal impacts in which safety belts alone would not provide adequate protection. Side airbag In the event of a

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