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BMW 5 Series: Panorama View

Panorama View enables the driver to see the cross traffic at blind exits and intersections before proceeding and provides the driver with optimum assistance in this situation. Road users that are hidden by obstacles to the side of the vehicle are sometimes only seen by the driver very late or not at all. To improve the view, the front and rear view cameras record the lateral roadway area. Depending on which drive position is engaged, the front or rear view camera can be activated.

G30 Panorama View on the CID

Yellow lines in the screen display mark the front and rear ends of the vehicle. The camera image is badly distorted in some areas and is therefore not suitable for estimating distances.

The function can be activated using the Panorama View button. Press the button again to deactivate the function. The Panorama View function is automatically deactivated at speeds above approximately 9 mph (15 km/h).

Panorama View (GPS-based)

GPS-supported, automatic activation of the Panorama View function has been implemented in the G30.

G30 Automatic switch on at a set activation point

Positions at which the Panorama View should switch itself on automatically can be saved as activation points provided that a GPS signal is received. A maximum of ten activation points can be saved for the front camera.

To save the activation points, the driver must proceed as follows:

  • Stop after reaching the place where the Panorama View should switch itself on automatically.
  • Press the Panorama View button and then tilt the controller to the left.
  • Then select "Add activation point" (the current position is displayed) and confirm by selecting "Add activation point."

G30 Setting activation points

  1. "Add activation point"

If possible, the activation points are saved with the town/city and street or with the GPS coordinates.

The direction of travel is also saved in conjunction with the activation point.

The driver can display the saved activation points on the Central Information Display.

G30 Displaying activation points

  1. "Show activation points"

The use of activation points can be switched on and off via iDrive.

G30 Panorama View activation menu on the CID

  1. "Parking" menu
  2. "Panorama View, GPS-based"


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