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BMW 5 Series: Active steering intervention

In vehicles with the Side Collision Avoidance (included in Active Driving Assistant Plus, optional equipment OE 5AT), the driver is assisted by another measure known as "active steering intervention".

If the driver does not react to the warning issued by the Lane Departure Warning system and crosses the lane marking, he is assisted to stay in lane by a brief active steering intervention.

Lane Departure Warning
G30 Lane Departure Warning (active steering intervention)

The active steering intervention can be felt on the steering wheel, but can be overridden by the driver at any time. If the driver does override the intervention, the active steering intervention is cancelled.

The "steering intervention" for the Lane Departure Warning can be switched on and off via the iDrive menu in vehicles with the Side Collision Avoidance by making the following selection via the controller:

  • "My Vehicle"
  • "Vehicle settings"
  • "Intelligent Safety"
  • "Steering intervention"

The configuration menu can be accessed quickly by pressing the Intelligent Safety button.

Lane Departure Warning
G30 Intelligent Safety view on the CID (Lane Departure Warning with active steering intervention)

  1. "Configure INDIVIDUAL" menu
  2. "Steering intervention" (switching the steering intervention for Lane Departure Warning on and off)

Steering interventions are not initiated when the trailer socket is in use, such as when a trailer is being towed or a bicycle carrier is mounted.


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