BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Limits of the system

Due to the physical limits during the ultrasonic measurement, obstructions may not be detected by the Park Distance Control system. Several examples of this are shown below:

  • If the objects are thin or wedge-shaped.
  • When the objects are low.
  • When objects that, due to their shape, have corners and sharp edges.
  • With snow.
  • If the objects have a porous surface.

A warning may also be displayed although there is no obstruction in the detection range. This may be the case in the following situations:

  • When it is raining heavily.
  • If the sensors are heavily soiled or iced over.
  • If the sensors are covered with snow.
  • If the street surface is rough.
  • If there are bumps, e.g. speed bumps.
  • In large right-angled buildings with smooth walls, e.g. underground car parks.
  • Due to heavy exhaust gas fumes.
  • Due to other ultrasound sources.

To ensure the ultrasonic sensors remain fully operational, they must be kept clean and free of ice.

When cleaning the sensors using a high pressure cleaner, avoid direct and sustained contact with a high-pressure water jet. Furthermore, when using high pressure cleaners, a distance of at least 1 ft (30 cm) from the sensors must be maintained.

The Park Distance Control cannot replace the driver's personal judgement of the traffic situation. Also check the traffic situation around the vehicle by looking around, otherwise there may be a risk of an accident as a result of road users or objects which lie outside the detection range of the Park Distance Control. Loud sound sources outside and inside the vehicle could drown out the PDC signal.


     Cross Traffic Alert

    The Cross Traffic Alert was used for the first time in the G12. This warning assists the driver when maneuvering out of a parking space and in other everyday situations where it is difficult to see

     Functional principle

    If a moving object is detected, which based on the current speed would be in the area in front of or behind the vehicle in approximately the next two seconds, a visual and acoustic warning is issued


    Various representations in the CID are possible depending on the vehicle equipment. The respective peripheral region in the PDC view flashes red if vehicles are detected by the sensors. G30 Cross


     Memory function

    Concept The following settings can be stored and, if necessary, retrieved using the memory function: Seat position. Exterior mirror position. Steering wheel position. Height of the Head-up Display. General information Two memory locations with different settings can be set for each driver pro

     Crankcase monitoring

    On-board diagnosis Feed-in point of the blow-by gases to the clean air line upstream from the exhaust turbocharger Non-return valve Connection to exhaust turbocharger Captive screws Crankcase bleeding connection Tank ventilation connection Connection to clean air line Aluminum heating pip

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