BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Functional principle

The system measures potential parking spaces when driving past at a speed below approximately 22 mph (35 km/h) even without the system having been activated.

The parking spaces are measured by two additional ultrasonic sensors, which are integrated into the front wheel arch. Two additional ultrasonic sensors are installed in the rear bumper in the G30 to precisely detect the size of a perpendicular parking space during the parking maneuver. The additional ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to detected objects.

The four sensors are connected to the Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) control unit, which also incorporates the Park Distance Control function. The function of the four ultrasonic sensors is similar to that of the Park Distance Control (PDC). Ultrasonic pulses are sent and echo impulses are received.

If a parking space of a sufficient length and width is found and the system is activated, the driver is shown the space on the Central Information Display.

When searching for a parking space and when parking, all relevant information is presented to the driver in an integrated display; from the parking space itself to the status of the parking assistant and corresponding handling instructions to distances from other objects.

The driver is still responsible for monitoring the vehicle environment and can intervene in the automatic parking maneuver at any time if required due to the vehicle environment.

The Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) takes over complete control of the vehicle including steering, braking and gear selection.

Personal responsibility

  • Directly monitor gaps and the parking procedure and intervene if necessary, as otherwise there is a risk of accidents.
  • If a parking space that has already been measured changes, the system does not take this into account.
  • The system does not take loads that project above the vehicle into account during parking.
  • The Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) may steer the vehicle over or up onto curbs. You should therefore use the facility for active intervention at any time with caution as you may otherwise damage wheels and tires or the vehicle itself.

The Parking Maneuvering Assistant (PMA) does not relieve the driver of personal responsibility during parking. Therefore, be attentive in order to be able to actively intervene at any time. Otherwise, there is a risk of an accident.


     Functional prerequisites

    To use the Parking Maneuvering Assistant function, the following basic prerequisites must be met: The doors must be closed The trunk lid must be closed The driver's seat belt must be fastened Th


    There are two ways to activate the Parking Maneuvering Assistant function: Activation via parking assistance button Activation by "Engaging reverse gear" followed by "iDrive controller operation"

     Limits of the system

    The detection of objects can test the ultrasonic measurement system to its limits. Several examples of this are shown below: With trailer towbars and couplings. If the objects are thin or wedge-sh


     Rear Seat Entertainment

    Overview The rear seat entertainment in the G30 is available as optional equipment (OE 6FH). The rear seat entertainment corresponds to that of the G12, with the difference that the G30 does not include the BMW Touch Command for controlling the rear seat entertainment. The rear seat entertainmen

     Introduction, Vehicle conditions

    Introduction The terminal control in the G30 is identical to the terminal control of the G12. In the G30, the vehicle is always in the right condition from the point of view of the customer. The terminals are controlled via a customer-oriented condition management. The terminal control is dependen

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