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BMW 5 Series: WiFi hotspot

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G30 WiFi hotspot

The BMW Internet optional equipment (OE 6AR) is no longer offered in the G30.

The WiFi hotspot (OE 6WD) provides the capability of using the internet in the vehicle.

The hotspot in the vehicle can be used for a fee once registered. The WiFi antenna is installed in the TCB2.


AT&T currently supports the hotspot for BMW.

WiFi antenna

The WiFi antenna for the WiFi hotspot is built into the TCB2. The two telephone antennas in the roof- mounted antenna are used for transmitting and receiving via LTE.

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G30 Telematic Communication Box 2 (TCB2)


The following graphic shows how to select the hotspot from the menu.

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G30 Selecting the WiFi hotspot


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